Grant Lujan


  • 3+ years experience in Photoshop & Illustrator
  • Color theory knowledge
  • Business advertising knowledge
  • 3+ years of Photograpy experience
  • Drawing & Illustrating
  • Works hard to make clients happy
  • Rad sense of humor
​Graphic Design, This is the art or skill of combining text and pictures in advertisements, magazines, or books, I believe its so much more. Graphic Design is everywhere you go, Whether is be in the city, the suburbs, or out in the wilderness, everything around you has an influence on how you perceive things in your day to day life. Art has been around since the dawn of man, I believe art is as much of a key role in business as the people who work there. Every single company uses art to lure in the general population into buying some sort of product, yes good prices and a friendly attitude can get you far but without some sort of artistic design to represent your company you can't get the attention your company truly deserves. Television, magazines, logos, web media,  etc. these are all ways to advertise your company to the world so that consumers will be enticed to buy what you are selling. I am a young and hungry graphic designer eager to get out in the world and show my true potential. I believe in the creation and implementation of good design goes a long way in the business world, and I want to be apart of it.