​Shooting with Cameron
So Cameron and I have spoken on instagram a while back about linking up. We finally had time to meet up and talk about our work, which is always fun since we're both passionate about photography. First off I can't believe this guy is only 17! He carries himself pretty well and is already ahead of the game in the industry. He owns an apparel company called Surreal Worldwide which he is expanding into a creative community. Working with young entrepreneurs like Cameron is a truly amazing experience, seeing someone start so early and working so hard towards their goals really sets a bar for the youth of our generation. He wanted to check out my home town of Covina so that's where we met up. As I gave him the tour of the city ( It's not really a "city" but let's just stick with that for now. ) we exchanged ideas and knowledge about the industry and where it's headed. After hanging out and getting to know each other and our work golden hour hits, so we bust out the cameras and get to shooting. Shooting with models is a lot different than shooting with other photographers, A model knows how to model and a photographer works on the other side of the camera. Switching the roles is always a different experience but it also creates some new perspectives. I took all of these shots of Cameron in the downtown area of the city, I normally don't like shooting there because I live so close to it but I'm pretty happy with how these shots came out. Overall was awesome meeting and shooting with him and am looking forward to seeing him grow in the industry.
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